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Another Week of Tutorials

In case you haven’t guessed yet, I decided to take one more week to make more MonoGame tutorials before getting back to my game. I’m actually starting to get really antsy to get back to it. After dealing with a whole pile of frustration with MonoGame and SharpDX, I’m really looking forward to getting back to a tool that actually works like it’s supposed to.

My biggest complaints with MonoGame is that they just don’t have a content pipeline. It can load images, sure, but not 3D models or fonts or who knows what else. But in order to make more tutorials, I really need 3D models to work.

Eh… I should probably reserve my complaining about MonoGame for another day. The point is, it’s not as amazing as some people would have you believe.

In the mean time, I’m throwing a sort of “quick” content pipeline together so that people don’t have to use XNA’s content pipeline, and so that they can continue on learning about MonoGame, with the idea that either my quick content pipeline will be production-caliber when their game is ready, or MonoGame’s content pipeline will be finished then, and they can switch everything over. It’s taking a long time to get a 3D model importer ready, but that isn’t much of a surprise, I guess. And I’m discovering all sorts of other interesting things about 3D model formats and MonoGame bugs in the process.

Anyway, I think tomorrow I’ll get that code posted somewhere for people to download and start using. Then some more tutorials.

I’ll be back to my game on Friday evening. I’m definitely looking forward to that…