100 Experience Points
An Adventure in Indie Game Development

Day 15: 1 February 2013

I wanted to do more development today, but something big (and problematic) came up that I’ve got to address right away. More on this very soon. (But it’s not good news.)

In unrelated news, I looked at the picture that I posted yesterday and thought, Anyone who knows XNA is going to be like, “You spent all evening to make five or six SpriteBatch.Draw calls?!” I thought I’d clarify. I’m not just doing sprite batch calls. I actually made a system where, given a picture, you can draw it stretched to any side while leaving the border in tact. In other words, I’m breaking the image down into nine pieces and drawing the corners, edges, and center separately, and in a flexible manner so that you can draw basically any image with a border. This is going to be very useful as I build a GUI, and probably something others will find useful. Hopefully, at some point, I can post my code for it somewhere.

And more than that, I didn’t just draw six images that have a border, but I built even more of my GUI framework. Those aren’t pictures, they’re PictureBoxes in a GridFlow panel. I can quickly and easily add more items without having to manually place them myself. It’s all arranged on its own.

So anyway… I’m off to take care of the problems that came up. I don’t think you’ll see more from me tonight, but expect some big things tomorrow.