100 Experience Points
An Adventure in Indie Game Development

Day 32: 6 March 2013

21:32: I’ve been spending all of this time doing the art side of things and being frustrated, as you can tell from my last few posts.

I think things are coming along, finally, and I’m looking forward to showing you some of that and getting some feedback. But right now, like at an earlier time, I think I need to find a way to regain some momentum. I think I need to go for another quick win.

It’s already late in the evening, and I’m getting tired, so I’m going to pick something that I think won’t take too long: a simple loading screen. We’ll see if it’s a simple as I think it will be…

22:36: Well, the loading screen is functional. Now you get to wait up front, instead of a little at a time throughout the game! Wait… that sounds like a bad thing. But now you know it’s loading, instead of randomly hanging.

There’s probably room for some cleanup with it still, and to be honest, there’s something about the way it’s implemented that makes me feel a little icky. It’s a decent design. One I’ve used in other games before. But I think this game is going to need a much more sophisticated loading and unloading mechanism that what I’ve done before.


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7 March 2013 at 12:20 pm

So is “ 22:36” your time stamp? Meaning that is what time you updated this section of the blog? I am thinking yes, but want to make sure.