100 Experience Points
An Adventure in Indie Game Development

Day 40: 14 March 2013

We’re already into the 40s! That’s crazy! On day 50, it will be the end of this sprint. I’m really hoping to have a basic, working, “complete” version of my game by then. If I don’t, then whether I can get something put together in the 100 days would probably be in serious doubt.

I’m not going to do a new nightly build tonight. Sorry. The reason why is because I’ve just been doing a bunch of refactoring work and cleanup, so that I can start saving these ships and loading them again. That is going to be a key part of this game, which will allow you to build ships in once place, manage them in your fleet in another, and then use them in battle elsewhere.

But the work I did doesn’t make any changes in the way the player sees the game. It’s all behind the scenes. And since it’s late already, I’ll forego the nightly build.

It’s almost the weekend again!