100 Experience Points
An Adventure in Indie Game Development

Day 60: 3 April 2013

It looks like I got the wrong date yesterday. It was a little after midnight when I posted, and when I went to check that date, I thought it was the 3rd. (It technically was, but Day 59 was 2 April, not 3 April.)

So I just got done fixing the date on yesterday’s post.

That’s all I did today. Sorry!

A ha ha ha! You should have seen the disappointed look on your face!

No, I did quite a bit more. The first thing I did today was fix the way the missiles were being drawn. The missile trail didn’t look right, and it was bugging me. I’ve got it fixed now. It’s essentially a constrained billboard. It should always be facing the camera, but also still lined up along the axis that it is traveling along.

Hurray for vector rejection! That’s a real term, tied to vector projection. Vector Rejection would totally make a good band name though.

It works now, just like magic.

The other big thing that I was working on was the ability for these projectiles to detect when they’ve entered a ship part and deal damage to it. So while it’s kind of buggy, you can actually destroy parts of ships now. I by “destroy” I really mean cloak, because when ship parts are destroyed, they don’t stop functioning. Guns keep shooting, engines keep going, and radar keeps scanning. All without being drawn.

You may also see that sometimes ship parts don’t take damage when they should. The main hull parts don’t take damage yet. And sometimes, depending on the bounding boxes, the projectiles hit the main hull instead of something else. I was looking into that problem at the end of the night, which is why you’ll see the bounding boxes turned on. The problem is quite clear; the solution is not. I imagine maybe just having slightly more fine tuned bounding boxes would fix it.

And new daily build: http://rbwhitaker.wikidot.com/local–files/sprint-review/100XP-Daily.ccgame

How’d we get to Day 60 already?