100 Experience Points
An Adventure in Indie Game Development

Day 71: 28 April 2013

So I’m writing this on the 29th. I was all prepared to post last night, but when I went to do it, my Internet was not behaving very well. I couldn’t get the site loaded. So I gave up.

I’ll keep this post a little short so that I can, you know, go work on my game tonight. Basically, though, I spent a lot of time cleaning up bugs. I put out a release fixing the things I had talked about on Saturday, then I looked at my email and found that somebody (you know who you are; thank you!) had told me about a couple of other bugs.

These two bugs were that you couldn’t create new ships, and you couldn’t put laser cannons on your ships. The laser cannon thing was a relatively easy fix. The not being able to create new ships was a little trickier. Turns out, you could make new ships, it’s just that they started off dead, and thus, invisible. So all of those times that you thought you were creating new ships by pushing the New Ship button, well… you were. And I suspect that they’ll pop up now. Lots of little ships, centered in the middle, all on top of each other. You’ll probably have to go delete them all one at a time. Sorry for the bug. But at least the bug didn’t trash your fleet.

Anyway, I put out a second release yesterday. It should all be fixed. The program should now be completely bug free!

I kid of course, but things should be relatively clean now. If you’re running into problems, especially significant ones, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Anyway, on to more game development for tonight!