100 Experience Points
An Adventure in Indie Game Development

Day 79: 6 May 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts. There just hasn’t been much worth talking about over the weekend. Until today.

I’ve been doing a bunch of refactoring and reorganizing, and now, finally, I have some extremely basic AI working. The hardest part was getting the game working for multiple teams controlled by multiple players (a human player, and an AI player). It still has a very long way to go before I’ll feel comfortable releasing it to you guys (hopefully, that means tomorrow, but we’ll see).

But it was really exciting today when, for the first time ever, I selected my ships and sent them all into battle against the enemy!

No more of this skirmish against myself crap. The real deal. With real enemies lurking out there in the darkness.

For the first time, the game started to feel real. (Emphasis on the “started”.)