100 Experience Points
An Adventure in Indie Game Development

Reflections After One Day

I’ve completed one day (only three hours) and I’m about to jump into Day 2. I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on where I am at this point in time.

I’m definitely starting to feel like I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’m 1% done with my time, but not even close to 1% done with what I was hoping to accomplish. Of course, it’s only been three hours. Today, I’ve got nearly the entire day to work on this. I should probably delay judgement on myself for a little while.

On the other hand, I’ve accomplished quite a few things in just a few hours:

  • Made some 3D stand-in models.
  • Got the code repository set up.
  • Got basic ship drawing and movement up and running.
  • Got the camera working (except that it’s always looking at the origin).

Up now, on my plate, is to start turning this kernel of a game into something that’s a little more interesting. I think the next two items to go after is some sort of way to select ships and to do movement to a particular location. (Right now they drive in circles.)