100 Experience Points
An Adventure in Indie Game Development

Day 18: 20 February 2013

21:35: As you can see, so far today, I’ve been distracted with a couple of other posts. I think they were worth the time. Now I’m off to do some game programming, at least for a little while. It’s starting to get late…

23:58: That’s about two and a half hours of work and no new pictures to show for my efforts or anything. I’m still trying to work out some final bugs/details about the rotation of attached objects. My primary focus today has been on the fact that even though you can stick guns or whatever to a part of the hull, you still want them to orient facing forward. It turns out that getting all of those rotations to work together is pretty tricky. (Well… I guess I was expecting that.)

I think it’s working now, but I think in order to be sure, I’m going to need to create a hull piece that is a sphere, and make it so I can attach things in all sorts of directions.

While what I did today doesn’t appear like a huge difference, it’s pretty substantial anyway.

The other good news is that I feel like I’m 100% back in the swing of things with my game. The time I spent away from it is now all but a memory.