100 Experience Points
An Adventure in Indie Game Development

Day 46: 20 March 2013

20:35: It seems like I’m getting started a little earlier than I have for the last few days. Good. Hopefully that means getting a bit more done today.

21:16: I’ve been moving along alright today. I’ve been doing some code refactoring to pull out the code that draws the ring that you use to rotate selected ship parts into a separate place. Right now, those rings are showing up in the Fleet Command screen, and would show up in the battle as well. You shouldn’t be able to rotate parts like that except in the Shipyard. So I’m doing some reorganizing of the code to make all of that kind of stuff more manageable in the long run. It’s going to be an hour or two of time just to get the rotation rings to not draw in the Fleet Command screen, but it’s an investment. I knew I was going to have to do this sooner or later.

21:56: I think I’ve got that all cleaned up the way I want it. The bad news is, I think I also just discovered that the fact that sometimes you can add a part to the back side (inside) of a hull is not caused by what I thought it was. It looks like it’s a small bug in my intersection code. It doesn’t filter out back facing polygons. Hmm…

23:19: Well, it’s time to be done for the night. I’ve got things set up now so that you can edit a ship in your fleet when it’s selected, as well as delete ships with the delete key. The plan is ultimately to show a little dialog that asks you to confirm deleting a ship, as the mockups suggest, but it’s not implemented yet.

I almost hesitate to do this, since it’s so potentially buggy, but there’s a new development/nightly build. Be warned, it’s not particularly stable. As always, I’m always open to feedback. (But don’t feel like you need to provide it.)

Development build: http://rbwhitaker.wikidot.com/local–files/sprint-review/100XP-Daily.ccgame