100 Experience Points
An Adventure in Indie Game Development

Day 82: 9 May 2013

I’ll keep it short tonight, because I’m tired, but I just put out a new update. (Download link if you’re new here: http://100experiencepoints.com/daily/100XP-Setup.exe.)

Basically, it’s been a night of bug fixing. And I’ve squashed a lot of them. It’s been like I had a lamp and a bug zapper. (I think I can still smell some of them burning.)

Sadly, there’s still a few more on my radar.

Here’s what should be fixed:

  • You don’t see missiles/torpedoes/rockets until they’re actually in your line of sight.
  • Enemies that are hidden can no longer be hovered over to reveal the infocard, nor can you click on them.
  • Projectile weapons no longer keep firing when the target ship is out of range.
  • Lasers are now shown when they’re attacking your ship. Yes, this gives away the location of the firing ship, but at least your ships don’t take damage secretly.

A couple of things that are still on my radar (heh heh heh, that phrase has new meaning since the last couple of days):

  • When you leave the battle and restart, your ships are still targeting what they were already targeting. They should basically be reset.
  • You can still attack yourself. For some reason.
  • There’s something funky going on that on random occasion, when clicking on a ship to attack, your selected ships will also move towards the location you clicked.

So there will probably be a little more bug fixing tomorrow, but I think most of the weekend will be pushing forward to make the AI a little cooler and… wait… what else am I doing this weekend? (Suggestions? What one thing will make this game significantly cooler, in your opinion?)