100 Experience Points
An Adventure in Indie Game Development

Sprint 5 Review

Here it is, a new release of the game!

It’s interesting… when I look at it and compare it to what was there before, it seems like I’ve barely made a difference. But it’s time for a new release anyway, so that people can give feedback.

Here’s the link: http://rbwhitaker.wikidot.com/local–files/sprint-review/100XP-10Mar2013.ccgame

Like usual, this requires having XNA installed on your computer.

I should mention that there’s a lot of bugs in this. Or rather, not bugs, per se, just UI problems that don’t work quite like I’d hope.

I’d love any kind of feedback at all about this game in it’s current form, so whatever strikes you, good or bad, please send it my way. You can do so by either adding a comment on this post, or by emailing me directly: mailto:rbwhitaker@outlook.com.

Some things that I’d love some feedback on:

  • What is your favorite part, and your least favorite part? (Think hard. There’s probably something in both categories.)
  • Loading time. I’m curious what the loading time is like for people in general. In debug mode, it takes forever to load. In release mode it seems a bit faster, but I’m still worried about it, especially since there’s going to be a lot more content in use later on.
  • I know the controls in the battle screen are kind of funky. Try things out until it works. Just remember that shooting at something and moving something are independent of each other right now. In other words, you’ll need to move your ship to within attacking range, then tell it to attack.
  • Along the lines of what I just said about bad controls, please tell me what your natural instinct was for doing things. I know they’re bad, but I’m not sure yet what the right solution is. (Things like, what button did you try to use first, to rotate the camera, or to attack a ship, or move a ship, etc.)
  • Tell me if you won the battle. (Just for the fun of it.)
  • I’d love to hear feedback about the rate that ships are taking damage. I think in a “real” battle, there will be a lot more going on, but I’m wondering if it takes too long, in your opinion.
  • I’m also curious about differences in the way the UI works in the shipyard, vs. what you had initially expected it to do. If you downloaded the version from a couple of weeks ago, you may be a bit biased one way or another, but I’m still interested. Yes, I’m basically getting you to do some remote usability testing for me 😀
  • Am I going in the right direction?
  • Anything else that you want to say, good or bad. I promise not to hold it against you if you call my ugly baby ugly.

Also, if you haven’t looked at my mockups from Friday, you should go take a look.




11 March 2013 at 01:11 pm

Just found this from your XNA tutorials site, so fresh perspective, I guess.

  • Shipyard part wise? The small turret is pretty sexy, and my least favorite one would probably be the mushroom thing. Wish I had a better descriptor. :/
  • Loading time. I haven’t had any problems, but then again I’m on a relatively powerful rig.
  • My natural instinct was controlling like an RTS, which is a unlocked camera and selection via a drag box. The individual ship control is a bit clunky. I tried holding and selecting with LMB first, when that didn’t work, tried selecting/rotating with RMB. Then I read the text at the top.
  • Honestly? I couldn’t find the ship I was battling. Bit embarrassing.
  • Shipyard UI. It’d be nice to have some kind of symmetry tool/option/default. Ala Spore or Kerbal Space Program. If not that, at least some way to lock parts to specific axis.
  • Wouldn’t know, just found this.
  • Heh, maybe a battle that doesn’t involve Search and Destroy with slow moving ships?

RB Whitaker

12 March 2013 at 04:51 pm

@Lexusjjss: Thanks for the feedback! It’s always good to hear from somebody new. Like you said, a fresh perspective.

Interestingly, the “Mushroom thing” is my least favorite too. But it’s kinda what radar domes look like. I don’t know. I’m sure we can do better…

I think what you’re describing for selection (RTS style) is what it will eventually be. Same with camera control. Hopefully, this will be working better by the end of the next sprint in a couple of weeks.

Don’t feel bad about not being able to find the ship. I couldn’t find it the first time either. And I knew about where it should be too. (I had my coordinate system backwards and went the wrong way. I finally found it, but couldn’t take it out before it escaped.

The symmetry thing is planned. In fact, I did a bunch of work on it a while back, but when I started making it so that you could extend the ship hull in various ways to build it out, the mirroring got more complicated. So I stripped it out (because it was broken). It will be back some day. I’m glad you’re pointing it out though!

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I’ve gotten a couple of other responses by email as well, and I think all of the feedback that I’m getting will go a very long way towards building an awesome game!