100 Experience Points
An Adventure in Indie Game Development

Day 67: 10 April 2013

I finally finished the automated build stuff that I started on a while ago. One thing that is different is that the deployment is a ClickOnce application, instead of a .ccgame file. This means you no longer need XNA installed, and you don’t need Visual Studio. Anyone and everyone could download the game. All necessary prerequisites should be pulled down on their own.

Plus, you now get automatic updates for free! No need to keep coming back and manually downloading things. Assuming I configured everything correctly. We’ll see if that works tomorrow.

Because of a friendly email from somebody, wondering where the lasers were, I decided to reorder my priorities for this sprint, and instead of adding in new hull pieces, I’m adding in laser cannons.

They’re not done yet, but I’m getting close. They’re a very different creature than the other weapons so far, because they’re a beam, rather than firing individual rounds. It takes some time to build that infrastructure, but it’s stuff I was hoping to get to fairly soon anyway.

Here’s the link to the new download: http://100ExperiencePoints.com/daily/100XP-Setup.exe

I suspect you may see some performance problems if you pack your ships full of guns, but whether you do or don’t, I’d love to hear what you see. The other thing is, I think once laser cannons are up and running, I’ll make missiles, torpedoes, and rockets all a little less frequent, and a little more powerful. So there will likely be some significant rebalancing of the weapons over the next little while.